Writing Biology: Texts in the Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge

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Author: Greg Myers
Publisher: WAC Clearinghouse
Year: 2022
Description: Originally published in 1990 by University of Wisconsin Press. Also available in Parks Library. In Writing Biology, Greg Myers shares his exploration of discourse in the biological sciences. His goal, as he notes in the preface to this landmark book, is to "provide some interpretations of scientific texts in their social context that will help us understand how texts produce scientific knowledge and reproduce the cultural authority of that knowledge" (p. ix). Arguably the first major work in writing studies that explores the rhetoric of science, Writing Biology offers a detailed analysis of texts, with a strong focus on social construction of knowledge and the rhetorical contexts in which scientists construct their texts. As Myers notes, "Science is like other discourses in relying on rhetoric; it just uses a different kind of rhetoric" (p. 4). This foundational work serves as a landmark in the turn toward exploring the discourses of professional communities by writing scholars.
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